Will4Prez Knows that in the Streets, It’s Always Us


Today’s Featured Artist is Will4Prez.

What’s up guys? You can thank Foul Al for today’s dope feature. He posted a video up on Instagram that caught my attention and it was Will4Prez rapping.

That video is pretty dope right? Wait until you peep the rest of his music. Will4Prez is from Camden, NJ. He is a seriously under rated Indie Rapper and we should do what we can to get those streams up and get him more followers on INSTAGRAM.

He has an album coming up with features from Chris Rivers and RJ Payne! He’s heading directly to where he wants to be, collaborating with the Elite like Black Thought and Kool G Rap.

Will4Prez is a dad of three, too. So it’s amazing to me that he gets so much music made and so many things done. If you’re an avid reader of Nevernaire Blog, you know that I have a soft spot in my heart for dedicated dads. It’s rare to see it done and done well. So, give props where they are due, if you see it.

Will4Prez | The Music

Alright, let’s start with “Always Us”. The beat on this track slaps like what?! It’s something that I haven’t heard for a while in Indie rap. And I deal with a lot of Indie Rappers. The beat is so fire that I almost want to go for a ride, just to bump this track in the car.

“Invertebrate with no backbone”

Will4Prez is a lyricist. His lyrics are thoughtful and his tracks tell a story. Lyrics like this make him a stand out Indie Rapper.

So, I don’t know who this HobGoblin guy is… yet. But you better believe that after hearing his beat on this track, I’ll know who he is soon!

“Dat’s What We Doin” is another track with a dope ass beat. I love the idea behind this track. It puts things right in front of everyone’s face. Shoves, actually. Instagram gets hit hard and it’s so dead on. All this shit on Instagram, it’s frustrating. Like the chicks that get all the likes for posting half naked pictures, but I spend an hour on a FIRE promo video and get like twenty likes… if that.

“Time I’m On” is my favorite track off of “Bar Barracks”. It reminds me of a Mobb Deep joint. But it’s more modern. The instrumental is so reminiscent of the 90’s, early 90’s. Will4Prez’s bars also remind me of Pruven You should check him out HERE. But, this is different. This album has some great interludes and some soul samples that will make your toes curl they’re so good. Just check it out already!

The Future

Will4Prez has a few albums coming out, but he’s keeping that up his sleeve for now. He is also working on setting up some live shows. When I asked him where he sees himself in the future, he said

“Where I’m suppose to be. Amongst the elite.”

I have to say that I definitely agree with him on that. He’s already got some serious collaborations under his belt. There is only up from here. His music is polished. It’s unique and his lyrics are on point.

It’s time for an Indie Artist to step up and claim Hip Hop from the mumble rappers out there that are running the game right now. Will4Prez could actually be the man to do just that!



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