Doodlebug & the New Epic of Heaven and Earth


Doodlebug of Digable Planets has Co-Authored an Amazing New Graphic Novel

Alright guys, I know that you have been waiting for this one! Today, we are going to talk about Doodlebug and his AMAZING new graphic novel, “Epic of Heaven and Earth”.



The Interview

ME: When can we expect the book to be in stores and will it be available on Kindle?

Doodlebug: The book is currently available at Digable Planets shows and through our website. When the time is correct, it will be available through Kindle. We encourage readers to own hardcopy paper books purchased through local bricks and mortar retailers. This is because it has come to our attention that soon—just as it happened on PS 7 millennia ago—the internet will be turned off. People will be lost. Most people don’t even have their children’s phone numbers written down or memorized.  So we want to encourage readers to own certain core publications in printed form.

ME: Are you going to narrate the book for Audible? If not, do you need a narrator? 

Doodlebug: At some point, yes. Do you have a narrator?

(Not necessarily, but I have availability personally… just saying!)

The real stuff

ME: What was it that made you decide to write the Epic of Heaven and Earth? Are you a big graphic novel fan?


In the 7th grade, I got this bright idea to create an oversized comic book for an art project at the Woodward School for Boys. Woodward was a school for kids who had gotten kicked out of schools like St Albans and Sidwell Friends. Our most famous alumnus was L. Ron Hubbard (Founder of the Church of Scientology)

I just wound up doodling all day in art class for a semester. When the project was due, I just had a series of random doodles. So, I took the drawings home and put speech bubbles and thought balloons over everyone’s heads, and told a story I made up.

The art teacher told me that he honestly didn’t know whether to give me an A or an F. I knew, then, that I was on the right track. My goal was to educate, provoke, piss off, inspire, amaze, and inform. If he could give the work a simple, single-letter grade, I felt that I had failed.

I worked summers at my father’s ad agency Truth and Soul where I learned a few more tricks.

The Story

ME: What was the inspiration for your story?

Doodlebug: The Epic documents the struggles of the Afronauts’ abduction from the 7th Dimension to a commercial wasteland known as Planet Supermarket.  Despite the brutality, plagues, and addictions imposed on the Afronauts by Wretchin, they survive by decoding messagology which is transmitted from the 7th Dimension by the Council of Monks, supreme custodians of the 12 Jewels.

ME: Can you tell us more about the 12 Jewels?


You do understand that if that information fell into the wrong hands, it would accelerate disaster on Earth by a factor of 9. right?

It is highly classified.

Here’s what I can tell you.

· They don’t come out of the ground.

· They never need to be cut or polished as they are brilliant and blindingly shiny in their original state.

· We see them in plain sight every day but disregard them.

· Despite this, they are each valued at infinity.

· They are available to every Afronaut that seeks them with humility, sincerity and a childlike curiosity.

Doodlebug | The Man

Let me tell you, this man is super cool. Not only is he a member of one of the most recognizable Hip hop groups in the World, he’s down to Earth and so approachable. He doesn’t hide behind celebrity and he’s happy to interact with his fans.

He’s still touring with Digable Planets and he has this new, exciting project with the Epic. He’s surpassed the top and shows no signs of stopping. Next he’s going to be right out of the Stratosphere, looking down at us, doodling pictures of how ridiculous we can be.

What’s about to Happen?

Go get your tickets HERE!

And let me just say… he’s still just as fine as he has always been. Some men just get finer with age.

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