Detroit YB is losing his mind now. Know how it feels?


Finally got my interview with Detroit YB check out how it went

I wrote about Detroit YB last year and I’ve been steady trying to get an interview with him cuz this dude is dope af.

Growing up in Detroit, YB was kind of a timid dude. Like a lot of us, he started making music as a kind of therapy and a way of finding his voice. Since then, this dude has blown the eff up! And there is a reason for that. He has a unique sound and that’s rare these days.

“Bringing music with “substance” back to the forefront. It’s too many low vibrational frequencies out here for my liking. So we here to change the narrative.”

He’s interested in sponsoring Apple or Alkaline water. Which is weird because I just interviewed Jonathan Kimble and he has an Alkaline water company… Gonna have to hook those two up for sure.

Detroit YB’s music

This track is fly. I listened to it on repeat for quite a while. He’s definitely speaking right to me with this one. The lyrics are phenomenal. I am a lyrics girl, that’s what gets my attention. And I love a rapper that uses their platform to talk about life and learning a lesson from your losses. This style? Forget about it dude, there’s’ no way Detroit YB doesn’t blow up.

“Waking up is like a celebration”

Man, life is short. I wasted too many years on drugs and this dude speaks right to my soul. He’s a lyrical genius and I want to make sure that people hear this because it is FIRE. If you listen like you should, you’ll get choked up. This is life in one track.

So, where’s YB going?

If I have my way, YB will be the new sponsor of Kimble waters and start gaining fame from that. He’s already doing an amazing job on his own, but I plan on sending his stuff to some Celebs that I know are looking for protege’s. His style is dope and I want to do my thing and get him noticed by the right people.

Do your part guys. This is real Hip hop. Follow him on Spotify and Instagram. Subscribe to his YouTube and share his music.


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