Get to know Dead Silence now – It’s Time… Rise & Grind

Dead silence rapper

Time for Dead Silence to shine

Hey guys what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is Dead Silence out of Indianapolis, IN. Like a lot of us, he started writing very young and started recording music when he was fifteen. At the age of twenty two, he started recording professionally. Since then, he has recorded several killer tracks and a bunch of professional music videos.

“My main goal in music is to show people that you can be globally heard with a unique style that isn’t popular or mainstream. Stay true to who you are regardless of the influence.”

He played trumpet for years in school, which explains the Jazzy sound of his music. And he is looking forward to and waiting for an opportunity to collaborate with Snoop. His music style would definitely appeal to Snoop, for sure.

He performs in the Indianapolis area, but he would like to branch out. So, if you’re in his area, hit him up on INSTAGRAM HERE.

Some smooth Hip hop vibes

“Rise & Grind” is Dead Silence’s latest release and it is super fly! I can’t get over the amazingly smooth voice and Maxwellesque sound with this vibe that is so uplifting. And the video! His videos are so professional, you could see it on BET for real!

My personal favorite Dead Silence track is definitely “Mood”. I could jump out of my seat and dance right now. He’s definitely right, it’s a vibe. I honestly forgot how much I love this R&B rap style until I started listening to Dead Silence. This is getting it on music for sure. So add it to your playlist… you know what playlist, we all have one 😉

Dead Silence – The Future is Bright!

This guy has something special. I’m definitely digging it. When the right person sees this article or comes across his New Jack Swing style music, he’s going to BLOW UP! So, go check out his other videos on YouTube… make sure you subscribe and share his stuff. And follow him on Spotify.


Never give up on your dreams!

“The only thing I will add is that I hope anybody with a dream doesn’t give up. You’ll face a thousand no’s before you get the right “yes”. Everybody doesn’t have dreams in life, so if you have one, stick to it.”

These words could not be any more true. This is something that I needed to hear myself. By far, I’m not living a “dream life”, but I almost gave up on Nevernaire after three years of blood sweat and tears – working from the car when I was homeless, grinding every day. But you guys stopped me from giving up.

I got so many Instagram messages from people telling me not to give up, and that I was RIGHT there and had to make my move. So I picked myself back up and got back to grinding and within a day, I had lined up five celeb interviews (coming up in the following weeks). The moral of the story is don’t give up. He’s right, you will get a thousand no’s before you get that right yes!

Peace and love guys.

Stay tuned because the future of Nevernaire is bright too. Things are about to happen.

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