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Unity Sound

Unity Sound – Fire Mixes!

Hey guys! What's up? Tonight we are featuring the group Unity Sound. They are a group of DJ's and producers that make…
The Federation

WTH? Dream on… The Federation

What's up guys? I am super excited to introduce you to this group! Tonight's featured guests are Mr. C and Neon of…
For the love of money

For the love of money

Hey guys what's up? Today I have something special planned here and on the podcast! I have been working with UK based…
Epidemic Beats 3


Hey guys what's up? Tonight's featured guest is Epidemic_Beats – a beat producer out of Melbourne, Australia. I first heard his beats…
adderall chronicles

The Adderall Chronicles III

I can FINALLY see the light at the end of this dark and miserable tunnel that I have been walking down for…

Huey of “Pop, lock and drop it” fame – Shot and killed

Lawrence Franks aka rapper Huey – who is known for the 2007 track "Pop, lock and drop it" – was reportedly shot…

Calboy – “Brand new” FEAT Von King

The latest release from Calboy featuring Von King – "Brand new" video premier.

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