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The new millennium was proving to be a great time for dance. There were all these new shows coming out that centered around dancing and people were really just falling in love with dance all over again. In particular, house music. It was HUGE in the rave…

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adderall chronicles

The Adderall Chronicles III

I can FINALLY see the light at the end of this dark and miserable tunnel that I have been walking down for…

Huey of “Pop, lock and drop it” fame – Shot and killed

Lawrence Franks aka rapper Huey – who is known for the 2007 track "Pop, lock and drop it" – was reportedly shot…

Calboy – “Brand new” FEAT Von King

The latest release from Calboy featuring Von King – "Brand new" video premier.
Twisted insane

Twisted Insane – Voodoo 2

Tonight's featured artist is Twisted Insane and we check out his video premier for the track "Voodoo 2". This video is kinda…

Wrekonize – The Fallen

Wrekonize – "The Fallen" Wrekonize :The…
kid exotic

Kid Exotic

Tonight's featured artist is Kid Exotic out of Bourgogne, France. Born in Sweden, he moved to France when his dad was diagnosed…
top five underground releases end of May

Top five Underground video releases

Here are your the top five new Underground video releases from last week. Detroit YB – "Jungle/doors"

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