Si Vi Pacem
It's Hardcore Feature Friday and tonight's band does NOT disappoint! They are Si Vis Pacem from Santiago de Chile. I have been trying to get in touch with this band for a couple of weeks about featuring them on the blog and they finally got back…

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Devin Tremell

Devin Tremell – Lord Knows

Hey guys what's going on? Tonight's featured artist is Devin Tremell out of Colorado. Devin submitted his music to the blog and…

Paradise – Jem Amar FEAT Hicoup

My track featuring Hicoup. Produced by Armando "Outthere" Diaz and beat by C-Dot

Hedgi – Wildfire

What's up guys? I want to take a moment to say that I'm still holding out hope for DMX and sending positive…
lil elevate

Lil Elevate – Get lifted

Hey guys what's up? Tonight's featured artist is Lil Elevate out of New York. Elevate has a wonderful, dreamy quality to a…
twerk for me

Jay Against Humanity – Straight fire

What's up guys? Tonight's featured artist is Jay Against Humanity out of Detroit, MI. I have been in a twerk anthem mood…
true pusha

True Pusha- Applying that pressure

Hey guys what's up? Tonight's featured artist is True Pusha out of Birmingham, Alabama. He has a new album "Real recognize real…
Tone the Bone

Tone the Bone – Ancestral Traveler

Hey guys what's up? Tonight's featured artist is Tone the Bone out of Orange Park, Florida. With a new album coming out…

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