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ken the rapper

Ken the Rapper – White boy, blue eyes that’s his type

What's up guys? Tonight's featured artist is Ken the Rapper. I found Ken's music by accident. I was writing an article about…
top 5 underground hip hop videos

Top 5 Underground Hip hop videos released this week

Speech – “Just Too Cold” Ft. Rambo & Danny B. (Video) Speech of…

Obnoxious – Kill Shot

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Let's celebrate with some new music! Here is Suburban Noize Records newest member Obnoxious and his latest track…
top 10 90's stoner songs

Top 10 tracks to get stoned to – the 90’s

I have started a music/ Cannabis themed blog on Nevernaire Smoke Shop website called "Bud and Beats". On this blog I have…
amable beats

Amable Beats

Hey guys, what's up? Tonight's featured guest is a fellow Floridian – Amable Beats out of Orlando. A dope experimental, Hip hop
Top 5 underground hip hop video releases this week

Top 5 Underground Hip hop videos released this week

G-Mo Skee & Hopsin discuss what it’s like being the “(Non) Essential Rapper” over an Animal Crossing: New Horizons sample…
Naveed Nosrati

Navid Nosrati

Tonight's featured artist is Navid Nosrati. He is an Iranian MC that specializes in freestyle battles. Over the last couple of days,…

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