Dj B Breezy & MontanaDaGreat


Goodbye Nevernaire

What’s up guys? This is it! This is my final article as the Head of Nevernaire Hip hop blog and damn am I going to miss this… but there are other things out there that I would like to do.

I started this blog almost 5 years ago and it’s time for me to move on. But that’s not the end for Nevernaire. I have found a great replacement that you will be introduced to very soon!

DJ B Breezy and MontanaDaGreat

Tonight, I decided to feature the first ever Producer team to be featured on Nevernaire. They are Dj B Breezy and MontanaDaGreat. I first heard Montana’s work on Instagram. He was sending me reels and after a while, I caught on and realized that he was sending me really good beats.

Then, I realized that this wasn’t just his work. He was working with another Producer called Dj B Breezy. So, I started to check him out too and here we are!

The Men

B Breezy is located in Charlotte, NC and Montana hails from Chicago. They both came from modest beginnings in music. Montana started his beat making on his laptop and Breezy got started on an Akai MPK Mini. He has since upgraded to an Alessi midi piano.

Crystal: Who inspired you to make music?
Dj B Breezy: My dad is number one and then I drew inspiration from Timbaland, Swizz beatz, Harry fraud, Mike Will Made It, and Araab Muzik.
MontanaDaGreat: I was inspired by Kanye West, J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Three Six Mafia, Southside, TM88, Lex Luger, and Just Blaze etc.

Crystal: How long have you been making beats?
Dj B Breezy: I’ve been making beats officially since 2012. I’ve been making music on myDads piano since I was small. He also had this cd/radio player  that had a cross fade on it and I would blend two songs together.
MontanaDaGreat:  I have been making beats growing over the years for at least 11-12 years.

The Music

Crystal: How does collabing on beats work?
MontanaDaGreat:  I love actually collabing with different producers because creative minds sometimes are better and can produce fire.
Dj B Breezy: Networking, you never know who they know or who’s watching. I feel like if you specialize in one area of your music production you can match up with another producer who specializes in the other. Coming up with sounds  you can’t make or have, or doing a pattern you couldn’t come up with.

Crystal: What’s the last project that you produced?
Dj B Breezy: 2020 vision it’s an instrumental album
MontanaDaGreat: B Doub X Montanadagreat presents “Chopmore 2”

This beat has that Spanish Harlem sound. Loving it!

This track is LIT! I could definitely see one of the rappers that I’ve featured on Nevernaire picking up this track and doing something really cool with it.

Definitely has an island vibe, but still with the Hip hop flair

The Future

Their beats are dope! Together they can really go places. To see some beats that they worked on together, check out Dj B Breezy’s Instagram. They can def go far together. They need some awesome rappers to pick up their beats and get the word out there.

Be sure to check out their music and like, follow and subscribe


Love you guys! Peace, Crystal