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Holding it down for the 1070 Entertainment crew

Rollsomethin Records

Mr. Rollsomethin AKA Laquan Carson is from NJ originally, but he now resides in PA. At the age of twelve, he started rapping and he has quickly built a career out of it. At eighteen, he was signed with a label, then he started Rollsomethin Records. He is now the CEO of 1070 Entertainment.

Laquan is the CEO of 1070 Entertainment, 78 West Studios and Rollsomething Records. He also manages five up and coming artists from the East Coast.

For more information about the crew, go to 1070 Entertainment’s website.

He is a producer and makes beats, plus he raps. Add to that, managing the careers of five up and comers and I’m sure you can imagine, he’s a busy man for sure.

Look out for the “Best of Mr. Rollsomethin” EP soon, and the “1070 Entertainment” album coming out shortly afterward. Check out their new WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.
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