Tonight’s featured artist is Triswop – Check him out!


Triswop – Cloud surfin’ ad Swangin

Tristen James AKA Triswop is representing Chi town in today’s artist profile. In four short years, he has put together an interesting collection of work including my personal favorite “Swangin‘”.

Triswop is a multi-talented artist. An avid pianist, he is also teaching himself to play bass. Can’t wait for the music to come out incorporating that!

Most recently he’s been listening to Snoop’s “Serial Killa”. He enjoys Kendrick’s poetic lyrics and wants to collab with Frank Ocean someday.

Tristen is a budding philanthropist. He wants to help kids that are going through it with his music (which I always love to hear). He also plans to branch out into the fashion industry which is cool because he definitely has a unique look and style. When he can, he wants to rep retro Jordan’s.


In the end of March, we can expect new music, with some special guest collabs. In the meantime you can find him here: YOUTUBEIG

Def check him out – with his unique style and ambition, Triswop is a legend in the making. Remember to like – share and comment! Spread the good word people!


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