BigFISH | The Real Deal… With the Quickness


Hey guys what’s up? Last week I wrote my “last article” for Nevernaire. However, I haven’t passed the Nevernaire torch to the new Head yet and I heard BigFish and knew that I had to share his music with you.

After I heard BigFISH, I realized that he didn’t have any professionally produced music or music on platforms. We discussed what I would need to feature him and within a week he had everything that I needed in order to get him on the blog.

That’s some real determination and drive. The quickness.

The Man

BigFISH is from Bethleham, PA. He says as far as performing, he goes where the money is and while he doesn’t have any shows in the immediate future, there are some on the horizon.

He has a tendency toward designing his own clothes and sneakers and I wouldn’t be surprised is he has a clothing label soon.

The Music

Like I said, he just got a few tracks professionally produced and he did NOT disappoint.

“Stepping Heavy” is my favorite BigFish track that I have heard so far and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up next. This track has a dope beat! And his flow is legit.

“In the Mix” has an old school Bone Thugz vibe. The production quality is radio ready and I’m super impressed by what he did in such a short period of time. I can’t say that enough.

The Future

When asked where he sees himself in the next three years, he said, “On the top of the game running my own label and probably adding artists to the label.” That is definitely a great goal to shoot for and while it might take him a bit longer than three years to get a label up and running, who knows. He has that drive and that ambition that you need to succeed and succeed he will.

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