Check out the Melodic and Beautiful Sound of Jaey Price


Tonight’s featured artist is Jaey Price out of Durban, South Africa. He has this soulful, harmonious sound that I’m really digging and I bet you will too!

Jaey recently signed with an Independent Label called Zojak Worldwide and he’s looking to collaborate with Mickey Monarch, whom he says is the best female artist around.

Jaey Price | The Music

This track “Till the Dawn” reminds me of XXXtentacion’s good songs. The really sad and soulful ones. It’s not easy to understand what he is saying at first because he’s speaking English but he has a thick accent. It is SO worth giving this track a few listens to understand how amazing this song really is.

Then there is “Sick”. This track is simply beautiful. It’s more of an R&B vibe than rap but his singing is lovely and the instrumental is so seductive and mesmerizing. I adore this sound.

Jaey Price’s future

It’s very difficult for African artists to break out. The music scene is filled with great artists that should be showcased. However, no one is giving them a chance. It is considerably harder for an African artist to get streams or record music than it is for someone from the US.

This is why I immediately jump on these opportunities to feature dope African artists when I get the chance. My blog might be small but my readership is International and people will appreciate and hopefully follow and share the music.

Jaey already has a decent amount of streams piling up. Go follow him on SPOTIFY and show some love. He could have a bright future if we did our part to support an Indie artist.


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