Da Pathologist is an amazing talent from Cape Town, Africa


Get to know Da Pathologist

Hey guys what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is Da Pathologist from the dusty streets of Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa.

Da Pathologist (DAPT) is a really interesting dude. He goes by the Messiah of South African Rap and he started rapping in 2010. He wants people to know that you don’t have to be from a “well-fed family or country” in order to be the best and he’s absolutely right.

I have been interviewing a lot of MCs from Africa lately. My two partners here at Nevernaire – TJ and Kwake are both African and their my two favorites homies. And there is just so much amazing talent from Africa. Hip hop is alive and well.

The Nevernaire Crew

If you’re interested in more crazy, good Hip hop from Africa, check out The FederationSA and Last Knight.

Da Pathologist – The music

Fucking AH-mazing! The beat is incredible. The adlibs are perfect and his flow is so on point! Da Pathologist says he is the Messiah and he is leading us to the promise land with this sick ass beat! It speaks to me for sure.

Another dope ass beat. This guy has an ear for a killer beat and it shows. He is bringing us some interesting and different sounds and I love it.

I had to add this just because I like to take the chances that I get to expand your horizons and Phyno is my dude. Love this shit. Phyno and DJ Kaywise are from from Nigeria. In case you’re interested.

DAPT – The future

DAPT has his hand in a few business ventures. He is clearly a very intelligent dude. You can see for yourself in our interview on Crystallized Beats Underground Hip hop podcast below:

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