You are currently viewing Wow! Bow Down by Westside Connection Turns 25 today!

Wow! Bow Down by Westside Connection Turns 25 today!

Today in Hip hop History

Where were you when you first listened to the album Bow Down by supergroup Westside Connection?

Can you believe this album is 25 years old???

This album included tracks like “Gangstas Make the World Go Round,” “King Of the Hill,” and “All the Critics in New York,” to name a few. 

Bow Down saw a ton of success:

  • Number 1 on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart
  • Number 2 on the US Billboard 200 Chart
  • Number 22 on the UK R&B Albums Chart
  • Certified Gold in Canada
  • Certified Platinum in The United States

Westside Connection consisted of rappers Mack 10, WC, and Ice Cube, who started creating music together in 1994. Although the group disbanded after releasing a second album together, they definitely left their mark with this album!

What did you think about the album? Are you a fan of any of the members of the supergroup? Let’s talk about it!


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