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What's up guys? Welcome to relaunch week! Tonight's featured artist is CMONEYWAVE - an Emcee out of Chicago. In 2009, he started off on his music path as part of a duo called Super Fresh Bros. About four years...
Nejma Nefertiti
Hey guys what's up? Today is day five of relaunch week and my featured artist is Nejma Nefertiti! Nejma is a strong, intelligent and captivating woman and an Emcee out of Brooklyn, NY. Nejma is a Perfumer...
Benjy Bradshaw
Hey guys what's up? I'm back and better than ever! And I am THRILLED to announce that tonight's featured artist is Benjy Bradshaw! Benjy is a Diva extraordinaire with many talents. He is an incredible artist with an...
Yung Judg3
Today's featured artist is Yung Judg3 repping Toronto. We linked up on Instagram. You can find his music on SoundCloud and YouTube. Lately, he's been listening to Drake and Future. He is looking for quality collabs and wants to link up with @lilxelly.
biz markie
Hip hop history and culture were brought to life in the amazing Beat Positive Exhibit “Hip Hop for the Eyes: A Discussion of the Culture’s Visual Influence", at 10 Corso Como New York. The exhibit brought together two of the things that I love in one place...
https://youtu.be/kuu8wDlIBwA My boy Shug just released this track today! Follow him on IG for news and new releases and as always stay tuned to Nevernaire Stomping Ground for the latest on Underground hip hop releases
I recently had the pleasure of discovering SK's music on Instagram. This dude is legit and yet - hardly any followers or YouTube subscribers. So, hopefully today we are going to do something about that! https://youtu.be/yRkrGo0cSGQ THIS IS ?
https://youtu.be/Z9RAzUKf4bw CLICK HERE FOR MORE BY YT
https://youtu.be/YZx5WXwNUVM NEW FAVORITE Loving this song right now. What do you guys think?

Fatherless -Soule

https://youtu.be/yZjmxScKQjo GODDESS ? Follow Soule on Instagram. Show her some love for fatherless You know it's ladies night on Nevernaire. Stay tuned to my IG @nevernaireblog for the latest features.