The Best Places to find Quality Beats at Reasonable Prices

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So, you’re an Indie rapper and you’re working with a small budget that you can dedicate to your music business. How can you maximize your budget and get the most for every dollar? I can tell you that posting in Facebook groups that you’re looking for free beats is not the way to go. How can you find quality beats on a budget? Check out these tips below:

Buying Quality Beats on BeatStars

Personally, I have had the best luck buying my beats on BeatStars. If you’re not familiar with the site, BeatStars is “The World’s #1 Marketplace to buy & sell beats.” Every Producer that I have worked with has an account on BeatStars. 

It’s very simple to find quality beats on this site. You can search by beat type, genre and producer name. Typically, I’ll search by genre because this search is going to bring up a bunch of beats that will potentially fit what I am looking for and it’s the best place to start.

Once I have my search list by genre, I look for beats that offer a free download. I like to have a beat that doesn’t have a trademark on it when I am recording. But, I don’t want to pay for a beat, then try to record something on it. I want to make sure that it’s the right beat for the track I am recording before I pay for it. Makes sense, right?

Filtering on BeatStars

BeatStars also lets you filter your search list by price. This is what you’re going to want to do in order to find beats that fit into your budget. There are a ton of new beat makers on BeatStars that are super talented, but unknown. These newbies tend to charge less than $20 per beat, and a lot of them will give away their beats for free to get their name out there. 

You can tell if a beat is free because it will say so right in the title. 

Can you Negotiate Beat Prices on BeatStars?

Why yes, you absolutely can negotiate! The Producers on BeatStars have special promo codes that they can give you in order to get a better deal on a beat. So, don’t rule out the more expensive beats. Contact the seller and see if you can work out a REASONABLE deal.

Don’t ask for free beats… just don’t do it

I don’t suggest attempting to get free beats out of seasoned Producers. They worked hard on that beat and they deserve to make money off of it, but you might be able to negotiate a lower price on that beat. If you can’t get them to budge on that price, ask about a “buy one, get one” kind of deal. Maybe they will offer you a promo code to save off two or more of their beats. It’s worth a shot!

The Second Best Place to find Quality Beats that Fit your Budget

You can call me biased if you like, but I think that an excellent way to find beats is by checking out the Indie Producer profiles on Nevernaire Blog. While I haven’t worked with nearly as many Producers as I have with Rappers, the Producers that I have featured are all KILLER! 



If you’re looking for beats with amazing guitar riffs, check out AllAreas. AllAreas is a Belgian beat maker and his tracks are super dope! 

You can find more information about him here, as well as his contact information.

Cryptic One

cryptic one

If you’re more interested in some New York Hip hop style beats, you need to check out Cryptic One. He has been in the game a long time and his tracks show just how incredibly skilled he is at what he does! I don’t know about negotiating with Cryptic One. He is very popular and always has a full schedule. However, if you’re into his sound then it’s worth the price and the wait!

Check out Cryptic One here and get his Instagram information.  

Deep of 2 Hungry Bros

Deep of 2 hungry bros quality beats

Finally, if you’re into Latin infused, NY style beats, you’re going to want to check out Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. His beats are on point and he has a HUGE library of tracks for you to choose from. 

You can find his artist profile here and his contact information

Can You Actually Find Quality Beats in Facebook Groups?

This is a great question and I don’t have a straight yes or no answer for you here. There are some beat making groups on Facebook that have hundreds of active members and yes, they often post their beats. But, they’re not all great beats. You’re going to have to do some digging. I would recommend joining the group to see what’s up and if you’re not finding what you’re looking for, or the group is not that active, just leave the group. Don’t waste your time combing through old posts from inactive users. 

Here are a couple of Facebook Groups that I follow that will get you started:

What to do if you Find a Beat on Facebook that you Want to use

Ok, so you found a beat and you’re interested in using it for your new track. Go ahead and like the post. Then, comment on it that you’re interested in using their beat for your latest track and you’re going to private message them. 

Next, send them a message. Let them know that you’re interested in their beat and show them where they can find your music. This will give them an idea of what the track is going to sound like if you do use their beat. Then, ask them how much they want for the beat. Again, I don’t recommend asking for the beat for free. Would you give away your hard work to a stranger? 

Building a Relationship

Paying for the beat will solidify a business relationship between you and that Producer. This relationship will be mutually beneficial and you can go back to them and get more beats. Then, maybe you can start working out deals on their product.

Where to Find Quality Beats | Summing it all up

There are a lot of places where you can find beats online. I have given you a few ideas here. Now, go check these places out and see what you can find. Remember to be professional. Don’t ask for free beats. It’s just not cool. Negotiating on the other hand, is always a good idea. 

You should be able to find some great beats that fit into your budget. Let us know how this worked out for you in the comments!


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