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Hey guys what’s up? Sorry I have been out of sight for a couple weeks. I have been making the move North from Florida to Massachusetts and it’s been quite a journey. Tonight’s featured artist is a major player on the beat scene. He goes by All Areas.

All Areas is a fucking PHENOMENAL beat maker from Belgium. I interviewed him a couple of weeks ago for the podcast and he is a super interesting guy. The interview was a lot of fun and it reminded me why I do this… it’s about Hip hop. It’s about true Hip hop in all it’s forms and introducing you guys to the amazing players that no one is talking about. So, let’s get back to the real shit… shall we?

All Areas makes BEATS. I mean the beats that this guy puts out are just fucking killer and you NEED to check him out!

His major influencer in his life is his God Father, who is an musician. All Areas picked up the Bass guitar a a young age and that’s how he learned how music is put together. He’s been in a few Hardcore bands and he stays active in that scene as well as Hip hop.

“Training your ear to hear all little elements in a beat or song is a true art in my opinion. Bad thing is that I cannot listen to a song no more like a regular musiclover. I want to dissect it 😉 haha.”

He is self taught and has a hunger to learn about music and life. He’s always learning and improving. But, he still, has a lot to learn before he makes the jump to Pro. He feels that before you do that you need to study and master every aspect of your craft.

All Areas – The ULTIMATE beats

This dude is no joke and you’re about to find out why. His beats are completely out of this World! His latest album “Hell is other people” is filled with the ULTIMATE beats dude.

Right away, the album starts with a track called “Jimmy”. “Jimmy” is a FIRED up track with some fucking CRAZY guitar instrumentals and it pushes you ahead. All of the riffs and beats prepare you for the amazingness to follow.

The beats are hard and the instrumentals are fierce. The guitar riffs make your heart pump and the piano and drums make your soul dance.

In “Operation Odysseus” we have some integrated vocals that just fire you up! It’s like a beat that you would hear Wu working on back in the day. So dramatic and in your face!

All Areas – Impending greatness

All Areas is looking to expand. He wants to network and work with other serious artists on projects. Teaching each other along the way. He is looking for people to work with. So, hit him up on Instagram.

He’s a hard ass worker and intends on taking no short cuts to the top. But, this man is headed to the top for sure!



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