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Deep of 2 hungry bros

Tonight is Producer night on Nevernaire Stomping Ground and I have found yet another KILLER Producer on Instagram. I fucking love Instagram! Our featured artist tonight is Deep of Two Hungry Bros from Manhattan. And he has me thinking I need to kick back with some Netflix and a good Kung-Fu movie tonight.

Deep Breez

His favorite singer is Beth Gibbons <3 <3 <3 of Portishead. Not only am i a HUGE Beth Gibbons fan, I like to think I do a kick ass rendition of “Only you” myself. I’ll spare you my version. For now…

Deep got his start in ’96 digging for records and over the years, he tried his hand at making beats himself on different equipment that his friends owned. In 2005, his girl (now wife) bought him an Mpc4000 and he’s been working with that ever since.

He is a direct care worker and coaches people with special needs as a trainer. He’s out of work right now though, like so many of you are right now. I am still working, but I’m sure people are going to stop buying cars soon too.


Deep has one son and he is musically inclined as well. I like to ask this question to the Producers because I am interested in learning if the natural rhythm is inheritable. So far, all answers point to yes.

Deep – The music

Deep’s music is very Hip hop. Old school style, which is what I lean toward when choosing people to write about for the blog. This track is off the hook!

Shintoism – Deep of 2 Hungry Bros

There are so many good tracks to choose from! He recently released “Threeology” and you need to check it out! It’s like every track has this epic sound and you can picture some sick Kung-Fu fight going on with a woman singing in the back ground. The female vocals are always on point and the beats are steady and hard. Which is how I prefer them.

Are you not picturing an EPIC Kung-Fu battle right now?

His first official vinyl release “Deep Breez 2” can be found on Bandcamp and HERE at “I had an accident records“. Also, tonight on the Crystallized Beats podcast episode, we will be listening to “The Inquisitive Nature of People’ off “Threeology” – so you definitely want to check that out!


The future is looking bright and quite hectic for this man, but it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun!

“I want to take my son and wife to Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Canada, San Francisco, Seattle, Wisconsin, and more. I’m hoping I can rock out with a beat or DJ set while visiting and get some new fans, friends, records, and experiences and maybe even move out of NYC.” -Deep

Also, he’s on Apple Music HERE. So, go check him out! Remember to like, share and subscribe!

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