3 Sure Fire Ways to Become a Better Rapper

better rapper

Here are 3 tips to strengthen your rap skills and become a better rapper.

There are many ways that you can strengthen your rap skills and become a better rapper. I have been studying this topic for quite some time in order to help the rappers that I work with through Nevernaire Media Group.

Here are the top 3 rap skills that I have encountered:

1. Read more… a LOT MORE

I hate to say this but, you probably don’t ready much. You’re reading this, which is GREAT… but, statistically speaking, you are probably not an avid reader. In order to get better at rapping, you NEED to read more.

Eminem literally studied the dictionary to gain a better vocabulary. I’m not saying read the dictionary, but there are several different apps that you can download on your phone that will teach you a new word a day. I highly recommend that you download one and increase your vocabulary. It will definitely help to improve your lyrical skills.

I also suggest trying out some poetry. Reading poetry will make you more familiar with different word flows and cadences. If you think poetry is for sissies, don’t go reading Jewel’s “A Night Without Armor” or Silvia Plath (although I HIGHLY recommend Sylvia’s dark poetry style). Start with Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar was a mad man and his poetry is strange and super interesting. You will love it. CLICK THIS… YOU WILL THANK ME LATER.

2. Listen to a variety of music

Potential fans are looking for artists that stand out when it comes to beats and instrumentals. Your job as a rapper is to give them new sounds to listen to, rather than the same old shit they’re hearing on the radio.

By incorporating different styles of music, you can really make your own style stand out. Even if you were to spend just fifteen minutes a day listening to a genre of music that you don’t typically listen to (folk, classical, oldies, etc.) you would be expanding your horizon and you will naturally gravitate to different kinds of beats.

If you’re worried that Classical music will put you to sleep, you should start off with some Opera. Now, I AM a woman, so you might think that I’m into Opera, but I am not really a fan. However, the Opera “Carmen” is incredible. The music is BOLD and the story is cool. It’s about a Soldier that is seduced by a Gypsy woman in Spain. The Soldier leaves his long time sweetheart and the military. He basically gives up everything that he loves for this Gypsy woman. Then, Carmen falls for another man and the Soldier is left with nothing, snaps and kills her. (Sorry to give away the ending, but you needed to know in order to get you to listen.)

better rapper
Opera anyone?

3. Rap Battles will definitely make you a better rapper, and quickly!

You need to battle. I know a LOT of Indie Rappers that are afraid of rap battles or even live video because they are worried they will mess up. This is exactly WHY you need to battle. You can’t be afraid that you’re going to mess up! You need to be able to drop bars on command at any time in any place, under any circumstances.

Start off by watching rap battles. Even though he has recently been in some deep shit, I still highly recommend watching Tsu Surf battle. He’s the best of the best in my opinion (if you’re into another battle rapper, let us know in the comments).


*Extra Tip: There are countless, amazing battle rappers out there. Branch out and learn different battle styles from a lot of them, rather than focusing on just one.


Ok, so you now have 3 new ways that you can make your own rap skills evolve. Rap is not something that you just know. Sure, you might be better than your friends. You might be able to freestyle and you might have some really great bars. But, your music style should ALWAYS be improving and evolving. The best rappers never stop improving their skills and neither should you.

Did you enjoy this article? What are some ways that you work on your own skills? Let us know in the comments!


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