PFace is the Emerging Renegade

interview with pface

Hey what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is PFace representing Columbia Point, Boston – right around my neck of the woods! He spent his early years hustling on the streets of Boston.

After finding music, he started volunteering his free time to coach and mentor the youth in his community. Using his music as a motivator, he was able to give back to the community that raised him.

He went on to record tracks with Mann Terror, M3 and Mass Murdering Mike and a remix with Benzino.

PFace is associated with a whole gang of people that I have featured recently including Just Cauz and Flex45. They are all featured on the Nevernaire Music page and you should check them out!

He grew up in Boston in Columbia Point and bounced back and forth to Chelsea – which is where I’m from. He’s really old school about promo, so it’s not likely you will find much of his music online. Until today that is… I will be featuring a track here on the blog and two on the Crystallized Beats Underground Hip hop podcast. Which you can check out below:

PFace – The Music

PFace – Hardaway

Very old school and definitely repping Boston. You can just tell the from the sound. His latest project was a mix tape that he gave to a DJ to be broadcast on his radio station. The tracks are not online… yet. That’s pretty old school haha.

We talked about him moving some stuff online and it sounds like that is the plan in the near future. So follow him on Instagram and be ready to check him out on streaming platforms.

He also has a new project that he is working on now. It will be available some time this Summer. So be on the look out for that as well!

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