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Killer beats and dope lyrics – @flyfella on Instagram

Looking for killer beats and dope lyrics? It’s time to check out @flyfella on Instagram. I was promoting another artist on @nevernaire when he hit me up and I was happy to hear, the man’s got bars.


His lyrics are raw, over old school Hip hop beats. Reminiscent of the 90’s with a touch of new school flair – the minute I hit play on his music video “Corner Music”, I knew it was a hit.

@flyfella is working on more music as we speak. He says his inspiration is the killer beats, needs a dope beat to get his pen moving. He spends weeks with his music, studying it, before he records a video and releases it to social media and YouTube.

He’s inspired by Al Green (who isn’t? The man is a genius). And 90’s rap like Jadakiss and Jay Z. But he does listen to a lot of new stuff too.

Like me though, he is mostly into older music. Being 80’s babies…

90's hiphop

Make sure you follow @flyfella on Instagram and while you’re at it, follow me too! @nevernaire. Talk about it, share it, write about it! Spread the good word people! Support the Underground Community!

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