Sketch tha Cataclysm

Dude… first things first tonight… I have to shout out to Protege’. Tonight’s featured artist is another hook up from Protege’ and my man did NOT disappoint! SKETCH THA CATACLYSM

Sketch tha Cataclysm… where do I begin? I hit play and within seconds I was obsessed! Sketch is a beat producer. The first in a series that will be featured on Sundays here at Nevernaire Stomping ground.

The shit is SICK! It’s disgusting… I mean, really you just have to HEAR IT! Click that button and come back… I’ll wait…

Did you make it back?

Were you able to find your way back to the blog? Or did you get lost for hours in this man’s incredible catalogue like I did? I drew those arrows in red lipstick. The ones that you followed to find your way back out 😉 .

The rambling begins…

Do you remember the 90’s? I would hope that some of you do… the rest will be able to envision what I’m saying, I’m sure. Sketch tha Cataclysm is my life circa 1999 – UFO’s on, crop top on and binkie around my neck… rolling face on triple stack ecstasy and dancing til dawn in a giant warehouse with 1,000 other whacked out, sweaty, smelly kids.

cute rave chick

But it’s so much more than that. It’s not house, it’s not trap and it’s not Hip hop. Its a freaky amalgamation – reminiscent of the Beastie Boys (the good shit) and yet I’m dancing in my seat to killer reggae vibes. I’m struggling to describe the fucking incredibleness that I am listening to people! CLICK HERE BUT COME BACK!!

Welcome back. So, Sketch… the man is a genius. The beats are despicable. The lyrics are insane. Poe references and the quickness of his delivery… forget it!


If you live in Connecticut, fuck it, if you live in New England, get your ass to his next show for sure. If you don’t live in New England, don’t be sad, he travels the country and performs. So, follow his FACEBOOK page to keep up with his events.

sketch tha cataclysm

He just released the instrumental version of “Untitled is hard enough”. His next album “What had happened” is due at the end of the year – with many singles and performances to come. In the future, he wants to connect with people that appreciate music. And he will be busy raising his son, who sounds dope… he is five and plays the ukulele… how effing cute is that?

Stay tuned, I will definitely be updating you on Sketch’s whereabouts, new releases, etc. In the mean time, check him out. And as always, make sure you follow, like and share… SPREAD THE GOOD WORD PEOPLE!

“To the listeners out there, spend a little more time with the music that you enjoy and try to express to folks what you love about it so much. Enthusiasm is the best promotion and the best way to keep artists creating.
To the fellow artists, do more and push it further.
Much love to everybody.” -Sketch tha Cataclysm

By the way… I got excited and posted this a lil early… It’s Sunday somewhere…

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