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Neo – R&B Elisha Samuels – Poetic, smooth and real

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting the very driven and talented Elisha Samuels. Elisha (pronounced EL-I-SHA) has a refreshing new sound. Neo-R&B – poetic, smooth and real.

Elisha Samuels Dawn

I am VERY excited to say that Elisha and I will be working together in the next couple of months and you are going to be seeing a lot of him and his Neo – R&B style, very soon.

Elisha plans on spending more time collaborating with other artists in 2020 and focusing more on just a few tracks of his own. With his new guitarist, those new tracks are sure to be pretty sweet. So, be on the look out!

Definitely check out the links below. Read about it, talk about it, write about it. SPREAD THE GOOD WORD PEOPLE.


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