Jermiside and the Electric Boogie


Today’s featured artist is Jermiside out of Cincinnati

Jermiside grew up around music. He used to record music onto cassettes on his boom box that his dad bought for him and his brother would beatbox and he would rap.

His next collaboration is with the artist named MEGA Ran And the album is called the Lure of Light. He is a budding Bass player and will be picking up piano soon, as well.

The goal of my music is to make people think I try not to be too preachy but I do like to deliver enough information for people to chew on for a while and obviously just something that sounds good in general

Fun Fact: He makes his music and does everything on an Ipad!

Jermiside | The Music

This track is amazing. Jermiside is another really great lyricist. The intro is interesting and then it goes into the dope beat, combined with a catchy hook and Jermiside’s striking lyrics. His music has a WuTang sound but with modern beats and a different outlook on life.

Then, there is “Electric Boogie”. This is my favorite Jermiside track. The instrumental is sensational. I love a nice, funky sound. It’s so reminiscent of a Blaxploitation movie. The lyrics are so poignant. This track has the least amount of streams on Spotify, which is a shame because it’s so GOOD!

The Future

 “just wanna add that everybody should go take a listen to the overview effect by the expert and myself. It’s available on all streaming platforms and you can probably still track down one or two copies of the vinyl.”

He is going to be working with some African artists and is looking to release some solo projects. Follow him on Instagram and Spotify to keep up with what he has going on next.


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