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Niño Brown - Melodic Hip hop

Get to know Nino Brown

If you’re looking for an extensive catalogue by Nino Brown, you’re not going to find one. He is a singer/ song writer that has been performing and making music under the name Cortez Garza.

Recently, Nino Brown has decided to try his hand at Hip hop, which has resulted in a charming, melodic sound.

Niño Brown is of course, a nod to the movie New Jack City starring Wesley Snipes. If you haven’t seen it, put it on your list of must views for sure. The word niño also means little one in Spanish, so it’s kind of like being called “Lil” or “Baby” without actually saying it.

Niño Brown is very passionate about the Hip hop scene is Athens, GA – where he is located. I have featured other artists from the area including Innate.

Although live music has come to a stand still due to Covid, Niño has been fortunate enough to tour the country and has no plans of stopping. Once we are able to have live shows again.

Niño Brown – The music

Check out his interview and his track “Summer rain” on this episode of Crystallized Beats podcast below:

His track “Summer rain” is a melodic masterpiece. Beautiful lyrics and harmonies with a Hip hop vibe. The almost Tropical beat is not something that you’re used to hearing out of Georgia and it really works.

His journey into Hip hop has started successfully and I can’t wait to revisit with him in a few months and see what he has going on.

Make sure that you follow him on Instagram so that you’re ready when his new album drops at the beginning of the year!

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Side note: Nevernaire and Crystallized Beats are going on a break until the beginning of the year. Expect us to come back with a bang the first week of January!