And ANOTHER big up for Waka Flocka!

waka flocka

Alright, I’ll admit it… I have clearly misjudged Waka Flocka in a big way and I am slightly ashamed of myself. This is the second time this year that he has caught my attention. After making some on point comments about Hip hop earlier in the year that I just could not deny.

I’m like really? This guy? But ya man, this guy!

So, here I find myself in awe of this man again. Having proclaimed recently that he intends on “dedicating his life to suicide prevention and mental health awareness”. That’s GOLD right there! That’s something that I talk about all the time. People with influence using it to open other people’s eyes about mental health issues. What can I say? I am fucking impressed.

Just by making this declaration, he has already turned a lot of blind eyes toward the issues. Will they see? Only time will tell.

Keep you posted.

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