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jae millie

Hey guys, what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is Jae Millie. He is an up and coming artist out of Waco, Texas.

jae millie

Jae Millie can be seen collabing regularly with our last featured artist Ken the Rapper and their music is super entertaining.

Jae has a good following on social media – with about 5k monthly streamers on Spotify. Music is very important to him. It is definitely a passion. But he is also very passionate about school and he will be attending college in San Antonio this year. It has always been very important to him to attend and graduate college and he doesn’t intend on putting his education second to his music.

His latest single “Big Cash” features Jae Banks. The track has a great instrumental and beat with his signature playful lyrics.

Tonight we are listening to “Right back” on Crystallized Beats podcast and I’ll be chatting with Jae about his music and furthering his education in our interview.
Check that out HERE.

So, definitely check him out on INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY and remember to like, share and follow.



There is something off topic that I would like to discuss. This:

Last Night!

I would like to say that this is just fucking BS. I work HARD on this blog and my podcast. The color of my skin has nothing to do with my work. I know she is probably talking about much bigger platforms than mine. However, I intend on my platforms BEING bigger platforms. I know how much work it is and you can ask anyone that I have worked with if I put in that effort and I am 100% confident that they will tell you that I work my ass off.
Between the blog, the podcast and the amount of promotion that I do, I spend about ten hours a day working on my platforms. Perhaps, and I don’t know, because I don’t know what her platform is, she isn’t putting in the 10X effort that some other people are putting into their work.

Think about it for a moment, what on Earth makes a person think that being a 37 year old WHITE woman somehow makes it easier to gain credibility in the Hip hop community? That is just absurd.

End Rant.

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