Waka Flocka Flame is a very unlikely ally

EYBPFK Hip hop graffiti on wall

By now you have probably heard that Waka Flocka Flame has publicly made statements about the dangers of calling Hip hop… well… dangerous. I could not agree MORE, never thought the day would come where I would find myself agreeing with something that this man said – but he is absolutely right!

waka flocka

What he is saying (and I am not quoting, I am paraphrasing) is that labeling Hip hop as dangerous is going to tarnish the already hazy image that Hip hop has now. And today, Hip hop is so much more widely accepted than ever! The reputation that Hip hop has now, artists have been fighting to be at this point for decades.

Hip hop is no more dangerous now than it ever has been. Yes, there have been a rash of young Hip hop artist deaths, but it’s not necessarily dangerous crime that is taking out the Hip hop youth… it’s drugs.

Blame it on the lean

In Pop Smoke’s case, there is no doubt that violent crime is to blame, but how is Hip hop to blame for a home invasion death? He could have easily been an actor, a doctor… a dentist for Christ’s sakes. He is just someone that people knew had money – and he got robbed. Just Like XXXtentacion.

I LOVE XXX. He is high up on my list of favorite artists. But again, right place at the wrong time. Or just people knowing that he was a man that had money and taking an opportunity that they saw to make that money theirs.

Leave Hip hop alone

Through out the last couple of decades, Hip hop has always been seen as a “danger”. As I’ve said, artists have been fighting AGAINST this image for years. Labeling Hip hop as dangerous is going to do so much damage to the genre and the culture. And Hip hop is already at risk. True Hip hop anyway.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Trap. But, I will always be the first to tell you – I have the music taste of a young man in his twenties… for sure. I listen to a lot of new rap and trap music, like Lil Uzi and the like. These guys are great in their own right. I love them, but is it Hip hop? No, i sure don’t think so.

We need to save Hip hop people. And blaming it for these deaths is the last thing that we should be doing. Blame drugs! Blame ignorance! Blame bad parenting! I don’t know, just don’t blame Hip hop. What did it ever do to you?

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