VNDTA is Delighted to be on Earth Another Day


Tonight’s featured guest is VNDTA from Melbourne, Australia

The internet is an amazing thing! Tonight’s guest, VNDTA made an impression on me in my Boston apartment all the way from Melbourne.

VNDTA was born in Iran but now lives in Australia. I was stalking I mean checking out rappers on Instagram when I ran into one of his videos. The one below… he’s not rapping, but he certainly got MY attention.

What would you do? I love making music but I really love puppies. Pretty sure that I could live without making music anymore, knowing that I didn’t drown a puppy to keep going with my non-existent music career.

VNDTA started making music when he was fifteen. Since then, he has amassed a nice following of people that dig that Kiwi charm.

“I think once people get to know me they enjoy and appreciate my music a lot more as well. It’s all very connected when I write my music and sometimes that makes it hard preaching my art to strangers.”

He is currently putting together a mix tape with over twenty artists collaborating on it. I think he should stick with the Indie collabs for now, as he told me he would sell his little brother for a collab with Lil Wayne or Eminem.

VNDTA’s Music

Ladies… have I mentioned that this kid is cute af? Who am I kidding? There are no ladies reading this blog!

Put aside the cute face and the sexy accent for a moment… this is a pretty dope track. He has that same tropical, laid back kind of sound like GGK. The vibe is great. I love the slow flow and hypnotic beat.

First of all I was very high when I listened to this track and the video game sample in the beginning made me jump. This track is a lot harder than “Slide.” The lyrics are more hardcore and Dagga Boy’s verse is so sick.

So where is he headed?

What do you guys think? Think he has what it takes to blow up? Let us know in the comments!

With a healthy number of followers and a unique sound, VNDTA is sure to be making some waves soon.

Follow him on Instagram, YouTube and Spotify so you know when that Tsunami is about to hit.


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