Vanilla Ice Called the 90’s The Greatest Decade Ever

vanilla ice

Vanilla Ice, the “Ice Ice Baby” star listed reasons why the ’90s are outmatched & had a bit to say about the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan sneaker sales.

Back in the 1980s, a group called The Buggles released a song titled “Video Killed the Radio Star.” It was suggested that the evolution of music and how it was newly presented was said to have been the downfall for stars of the visual-less medium, and for this generation, Vanilla Ice believes computers have been the destruction of pop culture.

The 1990s was an incredible time for artists, especially Vanilla Ice who was at the top of his game with his classic hit “Ice Ice Baby,” and after a few years in the limelight, the rapper wasn’t able to continue with the same level of fame. He’s remained an icon and recently, he sat down with TMZ to give his thoughts on how music has evolved over the last few decades.

“It was the greatest decade ever before computers ruined the world,” Ice said of everyone’s love of the 1990s. “You have to realize that in 2004, the iPhone came out, right? What’s happened in pop culture since 2004 to ’21? Nothing! It’s the lost generation. Pop culture’s dead!”

The Last Relevant Generation

The rapper called the ’90s the “last generation where pop culture was alive” and mentioned “fashion that actually mimicked the music.” Vanilla Ice doesn’t believe that this generation can “come out with anything cool” and said that LeBron James can’t come close to outselling Michael Jordan’s Air Jordans even though Jordan hasn’t played ball in decades.

It’s obvious that he’s been having this conversation for some time because Ice was pulling out one argument after another.

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