Top 5 unique rap tracks that tell the truth about life


Let’s take a trip through the heads of some dope rappers

Back in the day, rap tracks meant something. They told a story and each story was unique. Lyrics meant something. It wasn’t all about a dope beat and no substance. These stories are meaningful and unique tracks in Hip hop history.

1. Slick Rick – A Children’s Story

Rick the Ruler has a way with words. He’s a goofy dude, but cool as Hell.

2. Lost Boyz – Renee

Man, this track. Sad, poignant and relevant. These boyz know how to tell a gripping tale.

3. Lil Wayne – Mona Lisa

Any time a dude leaves me alone in his house I’m like damn… what if I was Mona Lisa? Be careful who you trust. No one tells that story better than Lil Wayne.

4. WuTang Clan – Triumph

This is my go to karaoke track (for real). I love this song. It’s so unique. This story, told by many men, is about societal hardship and Black history. It’s so dope, you don’t even realize that you’re learning something. There is a reason that WuTang is forever. These men have always stood for something and they have built up a family around their brand.

5. Organized Konfusion – Stray Bullet

Between Prince Po’s unique perspective and Pharoahe’s lyrical prowess, how could they NOT be on this list? “Stray Bullet” is arguably the epitome of a Hip hop story told. Check out this interview with Prince Po on Crystallized Beats podcast.