The Divine Hand

Winter's Coming - JK1 the Supernova

the divine hand winter's coming

As I got ready to take the dogs for a long ride through South West Florida, I waited for my music to download. The right music is essential for a joy ride. On the playlist? It was Sketch tha Cataclysm and JK1 the Supernova. It was that kind of day. Some old school vibes, chill delivery with powerful lyrics and some kick ass house beats thrown in here and there.

Since then, this has been my in the car vibe. It’s been about a week. And everyday, I discover something that I love even more about these guys. I have to give props again to Protege‘ for the intros. Because he did my music collection a huge favor (and hopefully yours).

I have exciting news for those of you that have been following Jk1 the Supernova and if you haven’t, hold onto your butts. Because this is about to get real good! Jk1 just released a new project! “The Divine Hand – Winter’s Coming”.


The new project is even better than what I expected. It’s familiar, close to his older work, but there’s something new… something about the instrumentals and the delivery is so much more up beat. Like hopeful. Lift’s your spirits.

There is also the addition of some new collaborators. The lyrical aspect of the Ep is so different because “The Divine Hand” is a joint effort between Jk1 and a group of incredible rappers.


Laws has a polished sound. The most refined of the group. He could be heard on main stream radio today. His style fits in with his well placed female vocal tracks and dance beats. Check out “Runaway” and tell me you don’t want to listen to this song on repeat!

Red E

Red E is the female vocalist, rounding out the album with her beautiful, harmonic sound. More of her music can be found HERE on Spotify.


Fluent is the main collaborator on the album and he brings a fresh new perspective to JK1’s already amazing music. It’s the crisp delivery and eye opening lyrics that make this collab so successful.

So there you have it guys! Make sure you check these guys out and remember to follow them on Spotify. This is music you def want to add to your collection!

BONUS! JK1 himself will be on Crystallized Beats Podcast tonight along with all four lyrical tracks off “The Divine Hand”! So get into it! CHECK IT OUT HERE


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