JK1 The Supernova

It’s like everyday is Hip hop Christmas lately. I wake up and there are a dozen new messages on my social media from up and coming artists! You’re all so talented and I’m loving it!

Today’s featured artist is incredible and you better not miss this! His name is Jk1 and his manager hit me up earlier today on Facebook and i was like whoa!

JK1 the Supernova

How do I describe this amazing talent? It’s so old school – East Coast Hip hop – WuTang Clan – ripped into the new decade – in this divine combination of ill beats, meaningful lyrics and perfectly placed female vocals. Can you tell? I’m digging it. I’m listening to the EP “Kill your selfie” right now… again.



If this shit doesn’t BLOW UP then there’s no hope left for Hip hop. Brought right back to the Golden Era. Like I’m sitting home writing in my journal with my discman on, smoking a joint and dreaming of my future spot in Hip hop and how I can fit in as a white woman (thank you to the first people to write blogs, found my spot).

JK1 is a legend in the making. Despite the fact that he now lives in FLORIDA (check that link if you don’t know why being a rapper in Florida sucks.) He’s from Brooklyn, born and raised. Which explains the amazing sound. He wrote his first rap when he was ten, but he didn’t start taking rap seriously until he was fifteen.

We agree, Pete Rock is the greatest Hip hop producer of all time and some day JK1 wants to collab with him – and I have no doubt he can make that happen. He would also like to rep dutches…. HINT HINT Dutch Master…


He can usually be seen performing in small venues. He tries to choose places that appreciate the music. I spend a LOT of time looking for places in Florida that will allow a Hip hop show – forget about appreciating it. But, maybe we can work together on that.

There are several projects on JK1’s 2020 horizon. Coming up next – “The Divine hand – Winter’s coming”. Look for it the end of March. And plenty to follow. Make sure that you follow JK1 on Instagram, so you know when his music drops.

He’s looking toward a bright future, but he is humble. He says “once the music leaves [my] hands, it doesn’t matter what [I] think.”
I know at this point you’re hyped to check out more of his stuff. I’ve been working links in through out the article, but in case you missed them:

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