Now check out Hyperion the Rapper, a Titan and Hip hop prodigy exploding onto the scene


Today’s featured artist is Hyperion the Rapper, out of Concord, NH.

Hyperion is a real life Hip hop prodigy. His latest release is straight fire and he is only 16 years old! He started making music in 2019 and already has a full album released.

“I want to spread of message that everyone is able to do what they want in life as long as they stay positive.”

Hyperion the Rapper’s Interview

Crystal: Who would you like to collaborate with?
Hyperion: Definitely Logic, back in 2017 when I started getting into hip-hop, I listened to him and many others including J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Jack Harlow, and Drake. Logic inspired me to make music and demonstrated to me through his music what it means to be an artist in this day and age. His music I heavily relied on hard days to get me through the most difficult times of my life, as well as all the other artists I listed. But, to get a song made with him would mean the world and I wish to one day meet the man to express how much he did for me and others who’ve listened to him through the years.


Crystal: When does your next project come out?
Hyperion: I just released my debut album, “The Rise Up” on June 17th this year but I definitely have some things coming further down the road that people can look forward to. One of them is a concept album I have in the works, which I plan to release in Q3 of 2023, but I have more coming before then!

The Music

Hyperion’s music has a great jazzy, old school vibe that is far beyond his years. His flow is on point and he has great taste in beats.

Now, in the track “Changes”, he really shares his point of view on Hip hop. His style is so mature and I am really impressed with his lyrics. It can’t be easy writing relevant, poignant lyrics at 16 years old. I like that he doesn’t try to write about things that he doesn’t know. I’ve heard some younger rappers that rap about things they couldn’t really understand and it’s hard to take them seriously. But, Hyperion is different.

The Future of Hyperion the Rapper

If this is what we are getting from him at 16, imagine what this guy is going to be capable of with a few years of music under his belt! I look forward to seeing what he does. I’m sure that you’re intrigued too.

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