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J Dilla & the beat tapes – A tribute

Originally being from Massachusetts, this time of year I have usually entered hibernation mode and I’m alone a lot with my music and my thoughts.

smoking a joint
Me all Winter

One of my favorite things to do in the winter is kick back with a pack of menthols, my laptop and some bud and listen to J Dilla’s beat tapes while I write.

My favorite J Dilla beat tape

J Dilla AKA James Dewitt Yancey was a master Producer. In my opinion, one of the illest mofo’s to walk the Earth.

His music has been sampled by some of the best including the Pharcyde which have always been one of my favorites. His beats have also been sampled by Common, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest and Erykah Badu (just to name a few).


In 2006, J Dilla passed away from complications due to a long term illness. He toured until 2005, often doing shows in a wheel chair. He lives on through his beat tapes.

Tonight I’m sharing them with you and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed them over the years. Please share them and comment if you have links to others that you would like to share as well.

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