Da Grustle- Mr. Rollsomethin


The new release by Mr. Rollsomethin had me wondering… what is da “Grustle”? I’m not as hip as I used to be… But, after listening to the song I realized, it’s the struggle, the rat race, the grind if you will… It’s a track that you can relate to. It’s not about having money and bitches and cars – it’s about the come up.

Slow and steady with a powerful message – “Da Grustle” is a power house track. Reminiscent of an old school joint but with modern beats. All put together by a master producer.

Mr. Rollsomethin is a very talented man – he raps, he makes beats, he has a recording studio where he records and mixes for other up and coming artists… I hope you’re planning on visiting his website to check him out!

And… make sure you VOTE for “Da Grustle” on M Class Radio! Spread the good word people!