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It has been an amazing day for Nevernaire Stomping Ground. I have set up a bevy of beautiful women to feature on Ladie’s night over the next couple of weeks… so stay tuned for that! Also, featuring an AMAZING beat producer on Sunday, March 8th, and the fastest rapper I’ve heard yet on Thursday’s International feature. Plus… there’s a special project in the works involving yours truly. More on that later 😉 . JUKE MARCIANO

Tonight’s featured artist is the first LEGIT female rapper I have found on Instagram while searching #femalerapper. Ladies… a video of you lip syncing to some dudes rap does not a rapper make! Her name is Juke Marciano and she is dope! That’s her Instagram link. 900 followers? Let’s do something about that – shall we?

Juke was born in Bermuda, but she now lives in Milwaukee, WI. Her first memories of wanting to rap involve LL. I have some fond memories of LL from my preteen years too – but I wasn’t thinking about rap ;).

on the mic like a pulpit

This is some real Hip hop shit here! This woman has her stuff together. Dope lyrics, ill beats… it’s like… new Hip hop never happened. She’s untouched by the modern Hip hop bug. Just pure old school vibes here. And I love it!

Check out “Plain Jane freestyle” it’s sick! She’s so intelligent. Her lyrics are very intellectual and witty. <3 it’s refreshing in comparison to some of the female hip hop artists out there right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not hating on the Nicki’s and Megan’s out there… I eat that shit up… but lyrics? I mean come on, no comparison. This girl’s got it.

Juke Marciano

I asked her what product she would endorse if she had her pick. It’s something I ask everyone and I’m not trying to find out literally what they’re trying to sell, but what they represent. Juke said Colgate – white teeth are important to her “and shit”. I thought that shit was great! Ladies… a nice tidy woman here all about her hygiene. I mean for real… can she get better?

Oh wait.. she can! Her favorite singer is Brandy. Wholesome and sweet side. And her favorite poet is Maya Angelou. So Juke’s a complex woman. Hardcore with a soft center.

Juke’s next project “Holy Per Usual” drops mid Spring and she’s working on joining the show Sweet Heat Miami – which starts May, 13th and I might have to drive my ass to Miami for that! It’s a show that celebrates women of all races in a week long festival of female artists. Sign me up!

Juke’s not only an artist, she also runs an LLC called “Push for Purpose”. A non profit that she is getting off the ground to “help families understand their place in the workforce field as it relates to personal life and past trauma balance.”

So, check her out on
Where ever you check her out, be kind enough to like, share and follow. Spread the good word people!


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