Yung Miles is Bringing a new look to Hip hop

interview with yung miles

Hey guys what’s up? Tonight we continue on this week’s look at the Vancouver Hip hop scene. We kicked it off with Chappy Go Lucky and Young Decs and tonight’s featured artist is Yung Miles.

Yung Miles is a modern Hip hop MC that’s bringing something a little different to the scene. Not only are they bringing a modern twist to the music, they are Feminine non-binary and I just LOVE their androgynous style with a Femme flair!

They went to UVic for Classical Guitar Performance and now center their music in Hip hop and rap.

When I moved to Victoria in 2013 and met Emmett in music school we began working on different projects though didn’t start producing music until 2016. We were making some wild ass beats in Garageband as FreebassBeatz, which translated to Ding Crozzby in 2017 when we dropped “We’ll Be Fine” – a very early prelude to the Melon Season that came to fruition today. We started producing music for ChampagneCrawford that year too – a friend of mine from Campbell River from very early days (we played soccer as kids even) – who became a core part of Coronation Collective.

As part of Coronation Collective, Miles has really begun to flourish in their non-binary lifestyle and feels that they have found a place that they can be their genuine self and really, isn’t that part of what music is all about?

Yung Miles – The music

I love everything about “Sicily”. This track is just great. The instrumental is so laid back and on point with the lyrics. Miles is divine. Boom bap this is not. But really guys, isn’t it a nice change of pace?

The modern sound of “Ultraviolet” is reminiscent of a Juice Wrld track with a twist. You can definitely hear Vancouver’s Hip hop scene in Mile’s music.

So check them out on SPOTIFY INSTAGRAM and be sure to like and follow! While you’re at it, check out their episode on Crystallized Beats podcast below:

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