Young Decs and the Vancouver Hip hop scene

Lately, I have been putting a lot of focus on the Vancouver music scene. I have featured a couple of Canadian artists such as LB and I will be featuring a few more in the upcoming days.

If you’re like me, when you think of Vancouver – you think “Canucks”. I know I think of the Canucks, because I’m from Boston and my best friend growing up was an insane Boston Bruins fan.

But there is something that you may not know about Vancouver. There is quite a Hip hop scene there. You have Social Deviantz and Madchild just to name a few. But the real scene is Underground.

Young Decs

Tonight I am featuring Young Decs – a fourteen year old MC out of Vancouver. He is obviously new to the scene, but his star is going to rise quickly.

He is focusing on singles and building up his fan base right now, but he will be putting together an EP soon.

Young Decs is all about music and doing the right thing – finishing school and keeping his shit together. You can’t do anything but respect that.

So, check him out on INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.


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