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Lighthou5e – The texture of music

Instagram is such a great place to discover new music. If you know where to look. Recently, I came across @booklighthou5e an emcee and producer out of Brooklyn, NY.

I tend to like the old school beat done well and Lighthou5e delivers. Reminiscent of the Lox, with a smooth flow and thought provoking lyrics. He says he just lets the pen take him where it wants to go.

Right now, Lighthou5e is into Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Bee Nova, she’s “pretty dope”. He talks about the texture of the music. That’s a whole other level of appreciation.
He also spends a lot of time listening to classic, old school, soul music. For inspiration and beats. Plus, it feels good. I have to agree with that. I’m a huge fan.

Like me, Lighthou5e is a big advocate for inner self confidence and lifting people up. He says, “Life is so much better when you have that self confidence”. I always love meeting new people that are into building other people up.

You should def check out his music. Follow, like, share… you know, spread the good word.


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