YT Hella Kingin – Friday Night

New single dropping tonight!


Chorus]Its a friday night and therefore the bass was bumpin the honeyz was rockin the party was jumpin it wasntlong for everyone knew (just blaze) Whats on the b box (Youn Gunz) Travel wit the warmth rockbefore I hit the club hit the weed spot it goes 1,2,3,and

[Chris]Its like king midas as i used to be told young C was on the block 13 years old I dont mean to brag Ihad the meanest bag the suppliers was my peeps i used to be bringin half took charge of the block apean the ave still bringin cash on the scene eventually still gloves and mask as i proceed madmats, mad gats, mad hollow seed, Ya man actin crazy roll wit the child , playa been hella pimpinyou already know what it’s , they dont gotta notice the whip, I don show them the wrist, theyalready know that chris and that they know tha to stay to the script it don’t last long hittem andi last long cant drive em south long send em during a cab home you takin mad long get cha bags goneI aint got a dime for you time on behalf of me expire

[Chorus 1x]

[Chris]Back in effect vest, mach within the tech, show you ways to clap wit perfect once they actin a messwe from north PHILLY free, peedie crack and therefore the rest mac side O and sparks back on theWest we the leaders of the new school,heated cause my jewls cool get my jewls cool everyweekend its a replacement crew bout to line the record staight soon because the record break ship t2 more tothe store wath it levatate

[Neef]Yeah we never late early within the game we brought pain yup heavy spen up in every state yeah youbond to hate tiered of the boad and tape 7 60 sure to scape put em all around ya face time tocool enter ya place get every dime you bought up out of ya safe plus you gettin more surrondedwit bait before the law come surroundin ya place my dogs get every pound of ya cake


[Neef]We this and therefore the futer you would possibly also get wont to us we been around a moment givin emwhat they wanted the n_ggas they never fronted but still sick to they stomache once they hearabout the gunnaz yeah they know they girl comin you are trying to inform her “Please baby dont wearthat” but she’s on her own think she aint tryna hear that you simply knowin whats gonna happen afterthe party C and Neef up within the sweat we fishin out the lobby back after back she trippin alloff that army me , cuff my lib not even probably the gang hereso these chickens get bodied weshow you ways we switch up better than the party, did it within the party me slippin out hardly babybaretta tucked the addition we army hit them n_ggas up then we breeze off calmly bucky rightbehind me the ROC behind me Yup

[Chorus]Chris and lil neefie[6x]


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