Bajo El Exilio

Hardcore that can make a Hip hop head lose her mind

Bajo El Exilio

What’s up guys? You are in for a fucking TREAT tonight! This band has just BLOWN ME AWAY! Tonight is Friday night Hardcore Feature and we are going to be talking about Bajo El Exilio. I haven’t fallen in love with a Hardcore band in over a decade and I am head over heels here people!

The members are:
David Herrera vocals
Dario Llancamán lead guitarist
(sound familiar? It should. Click his name)
Matias Luco rhythm guitarist
Daniel Salas bassist
Claudio Peñaloza drummer.


How professional is that picture? Huh? These guys are mad professional! Their music is solid! Their videos are INCREDIBLE (more on that in a moment) and they sent me pictures and a typed up document about the band! <3

The band was formed in 2008. Which obviously explains how insanely organized and professional they are. They all met in school and they’re still buds today which is sweet. They’re a bunch of business men during the day and by night they SHRED!

I asked how I can help them the best to move forward in their career. They want me to spread this message:

Today we are preparing the release of our 4 th album called “CULPABLES EP”. In Chile we are living an historical moment because the people is rising against the current political and economic system. In October of 2019 this explode in the hardest way, the people filled the streets to manifest one voice, we need a new model that cares about our universal rights.


“Culpables” in Spanish means “the culprits”, and we try to support the main massage of the people in the streets with this new work.
This is, for us, a special release in our history as a band because we can share our political speech and support something bigger as the “movimiento social” is growing in our country.

The Album

The album has 4 songs and in each song we talk about our politic system and the corruption, the destruction of our environment by the economic system and one especial song talks about the control of the church, the sexual abuses occurred in our country, specially in our high school during 2000’.
For us, the sum of all these elements are the culprits of what happened in our country in past October.
Our main goal with our music is to give a message, we don’t understand the music if there isn’t a message within. In this case about “Culpables EP”, we want to support this bigger matter about the changes in our country.”

So thoughtful and well put. I couldn’t paraphrase it.



Onto the music! These guys are phenomenal! I don’t have enough punctuation marks to express how I feel about this band. Let me see if i can explain myself… Dario’s vocals break my heart. The mournful melody against David’s sepulchral angst and outrage momentarily brought me to tears when I heard “Home”. The harmony of the vocals with the lead guitar is overwhelmingly powerful. The work that these men have put in to their craft is quite admirable and I hope that I can help to get them in front of the right person to shove them into the lime light!


I want to take a moment to point out that the current economy in Chile’ is holding back some amazing talent (among many, many other things that I don’t have the authority to discuss). There isn’t a real music industry in Chile’. It’s a fend for yourselves atmosphere and these guys have STILL persevered and pushed on and come out with incredible content. If these guys are not put in front of the eyes of some American talent scouts, it’s not likely they’re going to make it big and that really bums me out.

They have all the talent and their future should be filled with fame, money and bitches snorting cocaine off their guitars or whatever Chilean rock stars do, I know that’s what it’s like here. Check them out for sure! Follow them on INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK and subscribe to their YOUTUBE. Also you can find them on BANDCAMP.

Also, we will be listening to “At War” tonight on Crystallized Beats podcast. And i’m not going to lie… I got a little rowdy there. Check it out HERE!


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