Up & Coming Rapper, Akintoye is Crazy Good!


Get ready for some upbeat, incredibleness from Akintoye

Hey guys, what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is Akintoye and he’s blown my mind! He emailed me last week and I listened to about fifteen seconds of the song “Overload” and I was hooked instantly!

I am SUPER excited to introduce you to this musical genius! His style is so refreshingly unique and you’re in for a treat!

Akintoye is originally from Lagos, Nigeria. He now lives with his family in Toronto, Canada. He started writing music at the age of ten, but he didn’t start to take his music career seriously until about 2017. When I asked him what his music goals are, he had this to say:

“In the long term my goals are split into two main directions. I want to be able to make grander and grander projects beyond anything my guys and I could envision for ourselves. I want to make large scale quality music projects that stand the test of time and cement our place in hip hop history.”

I honestly think that these are goals that Akintoye is going to achieve. Also, he says that he would sell some of his body parts to collab with Anderson Paak. So, let’s make that happen! Without the actual sale of his right knee cap though!

Akintoye – The music

I want to showcase as much as I can, so these are a couple tracks that are not on the Podcast. But, you can hear a couple other tracks on the podcast below:

The beat in “At the cookout” is so crazy upbeat. This is just wonderful, new Hip hop. It’s like nothing I have ever heard. His flow is superb and the hook is super catchy!

Then, there is this absolute GEM called “Vertigo“. I mean, coming from Lagos and just KILLING it musically like this. My best friend TJ is from Abuja, Nigeria. He is my partner here at Nevernaire and has recently started writing for the blog!

But, having known TJ for many years, I know that the opportunities to better yourself are just about non-existent in Nigeria. It is wonderful that Akintoye has found his way to Canada and had the opportunity to show us what he is made of, because this shit is KILLER!

I did NOT expect this fire ass beat that comes in on “Vertigo”. I thought I was about to listen to something more serious from him. Then BAM! This is just like, I mean I have listened to this song five times and my ass is shaking in my seat still! It’s a real treat. The beat is hard, the flow is nasty and I am so happy that this kid emailed me!

The track “Trip” is another dope track. The only bad thing that I can say about this guy’s music is that I wish the songs were longer, because I don’t want them to ever end!

The future looks Ah-mazing for Akintoye

This guy has a real future ahead of him. His productions are all flawless, he already has a huge following on Spotify and he is just going to go up and up!


Remember this face! Remember you heard it here first guys! It’s rare that a new artist makes me so emotional. I am just THRILLED about this one.

Go follow him on SPOTIFY and INSTAGRAM and just hold on to your seat cuz he’s about to blow!

Random fact

My track “Fascination” has been getting a lot of attention on Spotify and SoundCloud with a combined 30k streams in thirty days. Check it out below if you want. I’m just going to leave it here for you.


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