Inside the mind of an insidious mad man

Adam Dube the Artist

Adam dube

As I walk toward the front door of the house of Adam Dube, notice the faint sound of music coming from the basement windows. I knock on the door and a man answers. Wearing a mask over his mouth and nose. The mask and his white t-shirt are stained with flecks of paint. I notice that he is also wearing a pair of black gloves. He motions for me to follow him inside.

Once inside, the smell hits you immediately. The air is thick with the unmistakable, chemical smell of aerosol spray paint. The man leads me down a hall, through a door and down a set of stairs to the basement. The walls in the basement are covered from top to bottom in what can only be described as the inner workings of the mind of a madman.

Adam Dube (gooddube87)

This is the home of Adam Dube. The first of many street artists that you will learn about here at Nevernaire. Adam is a suburbanite. He grew up in the town of Concord in New Hampshire and now lives in a small, quaint suburb in a beautiful lake house. This is a far cry from what you would picture when I tell you we are going to visit a graffiti artist.

The basement is a land of wonder. Adam’s work is poetic. A mixture of torment and rage balanced with a beautiful, romantic, soft quality. There are comic-esque characters straight out of your nightmares, angelic portraits of women with eyes that look right into your soul and sketches cataloging twenty years of madness, heart ache and hope. It’s as though you have walked right into Adam’s head, and you feel honored and grateful being able to enjoy the experience.

To see more of Adam’s work, be sure to follow @gooddube87 on Instagram!

Adam Dube


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