The Rise of the Phoenix

A glimpse of a man blazing his way to the top


For this rising star, the days of “Hello, my name is Phoenix. I can take your order.” are over! Phoenix is an artist and an up and coming actor. Not just an artist, he is an incredible artist!


We first met just about ten years ago, at a call center job in Massachusetts. I guess that saying a call center job sucks is just redundant, but this particular place was pretty heinous.

Phoenix and I hit it off right away. We are both quite strange. In our own fabulous ways, of course. After just a short while, Phoenix left the call center and Massachusetts and moved out west to Cali. We kept in touch through Facebook though and I recently had the pleasure of speaking with him and catching up and I was so happy to hear about how things are going for him!


First, he sent me a link to his artwork and I was blown away by the haunting beauty of his work. I knew immediately that I had to share his work with Nevernaire readers. You can view his complete collection here at ARTPAL. His work has been commissioned by members of the New England Patriots and the Arizona Cardinals, as well as Fine Art America!

Later on, he called me and started to tell me about all of the exciting things that he has had going on in the past few years. He isn’t just an artist, he’s been acting as well. What started as extra work and bit parts has brought on scripted roles in movies and series.

Recently, he moved to Phoenix, AZ where he caught the eye of a producer. A couple of auditions later, Phoenix can now be seen as the villain in the new Spy kids spin off series by Amazon (which is slated to hit streaming in February of 2020!)

All the while, Phoenix has pursued his love of teaching. It seems everything that he does, he does exceptionally well. His students are in the 85% range for state testing. This is a feat for any teacher. Add in the crazy schedule of a man that is juggling his art, his acting career and teaching and this is like magic.

I guess that you should expect nothing short of magic from a man that has received dual masters, countless certifications, bachelors, the list goes on. It is clear that when Phoenix puts his mind to something, he achieves it. This is certainly not the last we will be seeing from him and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

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