A Model Rapper


Tonight’s International, featured artist is @kornel.griu. Now, I’ve been over this before. But, if you’re new here I’ll point out… i speak VERY LITTLE Russian. Very thankful for Google translate right now! A MODEL RAPPER

He is from Chisinau. which is in Moldova. He doesn’t speak English, yet. But, he is learning. He is not only a rapper, he also plays the flute. Which is something super unique and endearing.

His music has an old school feel. Slow, with instrumental beats. Very reminiscent of The Lox with the beats and instrumentals. But not his flow. That’s unique. He doesn’t have a lot of music on platforms yet. But, as it comes out, I will update this profile. A MODEL RAPPER

He has a new project in the works and it should be dropping any day! So, definitely make sure that you follow him on INSTAGRAM so you know when it comes out.

Ladies… did i mention he’s a model? Uh ya?…

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