1992 | The Best Hip Hop Albums

best hip hop albums of 1992

Let’s Take a Trip back in Time to When People Cared About the Top Albums… because they didn’t suck

1992 was a simpler time in Hip hop. Rappers had their own styles. When you heard EPMD, Eric B. and Rakim or any of the other killer rappers, you didn’t have to look to see who’s song it was, you just knew instantly.

That’s what is missing from Hip Hop today. Most modern rappers sound the same. There are a few exceptions like Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott, but they are few and far between.

So tonight, let’s celebrate some of the greatest Hip hop albums of 1992. Why 1992? Just seemed right man, just seemed right.

The Top 20 Hip Hop Albums of 1992 (In no particular order)

1. Dr. Dre – The Chronic

2. Ice Cube – The Predator

3. The Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride II

4. Kris Kross – Totally Krossed Out

5. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Mecca and the Soul Brother

6. Juice Crew – Live & Let Die

7. Beastie Boys – Check Your Head

8. Gang Starr – Daily Operation

9. Redman – Whut? The Album

10. Diamond D. – Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop

11. Eric B. and Rakim – Don’t Sweat the Technique

12. The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury

13. EPMD – Business Never Personal

14. UGK – Too Hard to Swallow

15. Compton’s Most Wanted – Music to Driveby

16. Grand Puba – Reel to Reel

17. UltraMagnetic MC’s – Funk Your Head Up

18. MC Serch – Return of the Product

19. MC Ren – Kizz My Black Azz

20. Lord Finesse – Return of the Funky Man

There’s just no way that you made it through this list with a few things happening:
1. You’re reminiscing hard
2. You really miss 1992
3. You thought of multiple albums that I missed and you want to let me know in the comments

For real though, what did you think about the list? The nostalgia is strong and God I love 90’s Hip hop!


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