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EPMD – Strictly Business

Catching up with EPMD

The Steve Martin is my jam. I have been a die hard EPMD fan for much longer than I would like to admit.

EPMD is the iconic Rap duo made up of Erick Sermon and PMD (Parrish Mic Doc). Formed in 1987, EPMD are responsible for some incredible Rap albums that came out of the Golden Era, including “Strictly Business” and “Unfinished Business”.

I listen to this album on a REGULAR basis

EPMD – The music

“Get off the bandwagon” is THE track off this album. While I have been known to break into the Steve Martin a time or two, I have to say that this track is the quintessential EPMD joint. When that beat hits, it hits HARD. A true head banger of Hip hop.

EPMD’s sound is UNMISTAKABLE. They have the perfect branding. Their music is cohesive and both MC’s have their own unique and distinct flow.

Picture this… It’s a hazy August day in South West Florida. I have been in the pool since the sun came up – floating around, listening to music and taking bong rips (that’s what that little cup holder in the float is for, you know?). I am standing by the side of the pool and “The Steve Martin” begins playing out of my phone’s speakers. The next thing I know, I’m being recorded by my young, next door neighbor as I perform my rendition of the Steve Martin in the pool. I don’t know where that video has been posted, but it surely exists. And I’m not ashamed for a moment. Sicking em Champ!

So, what’s up with EPMD now?

While they have been through a couple of break ups in the 90’s, the duo is still going strong.

These are super dope

They will be touring Europe in 2022, after launching the tour with a show in Michigan in November, 2021.

There are also reports of a new album in the mix. These reports are conflicting though, and I couldn’t find definitive proof that it’s happening.

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