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The wordsmith

Tonight’s featured artist is The Wordsmith. A self proclaimed army brat, he was born in Alabama and raised mostly in Dallas. He first started rapping in grade school, but he really started taking it seriously after stepping into a recording studio in Germany.

The Wordsmith is a Juggernaut lyricist – keeping it one trillion. His song “Don’t Trip” off the album “Big State” has really gotten my attention. I’ve listened to it like 10 times today.

The new album comes out this Summer, but make sure you follow him on INSTAGRAM because he is planning on dropping singles from the album in the next couple months.


The future is looking good for The Wordsmith. He’s planning on being a Bi-coastal Mogul – with a business that “allows the bag to chase him”. He’s not exactly humble, in fact he will tell you he is braggadocios. He intends on teaching the youth through music, while firmly keeping his foot on the neck of the competition.

With lyrics and beats like his, he can do it all. He just needs to be noticed by the right person. Which is something I always aim to do. Get the talent in front of the right people – whether it’s through the blog, social media promotion or the new Podcast.

Tonight on Crystallized Beats podcast, we will be listening to “Broke the Faucet” off the album “Big State”. So, check that out below!

the wordsmith

I love this – all of Wordsmith’s links can be found right HERE at this one spot. If you hang around the blog enough, you’ll find that’s something I push all the time. You have to have all of your links in ONE PLACE – that way managers and labels only have to look in one place. Because no one is searching Google for your links – you’re not famous yet!

So, go check him out and remember, like, share and follow. SPREAD THE GOOD WORD PEOPLE!

Oh by the way, he wants to shout out all the DJ’s that keep it 100 working with the Underdogs and to all the folks that believed in him and showed up. He would also like to thank Khujo Goodie for sharing his platform and always keeping it one trillion.

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