Songstress Katherine Swain Comes With A Unique Sound And Vibe

katherine swain

The music and vibe of Katherine Swain are dope, and her passion exudes through her discussion about music and through her art itself!

Just A Small Town Girl

Katherine Swain is a child of the Midwest – spending her early childhood around Cincinnati, then moving to “small town Indiana” in grade school. 

When thinking about when she first fell in love with music, she admits that there hasn’t really been a time when she wasn’t passionate about it: “I have been singing my whole life but started writing music right out of high school. I was writing and recording with a local rap group who introduced me to DJ Kid Magic out of Columbus, OH who ultimately led me to meeting Fantom of the Beat many years later. Magic owns Advantage Recording Studio in Columbus which is the first recording studio I have ever sang in and is my home studio today.”

Using Her Instrument

Swain admits that she doesn’t play any instruments – her tools consist of her voice and her pen, and they have gotten her through some of life’s toughest times: “  Singing and writing is definitely therapy for me. I got back in to writing and recording during a rough patch in life and was using it as an outlet. I realized how much better I felt so I hope to continue to use music as a way to process life’s ups and downs. All the other perks are very welcomed but at the end of the day my goal is to continue to focus on things that bring me happiness and music is a big one.” And with a voice like hers, instruments are an afterthought!

Dream collabs? KSwain doesn’t have one specific dream collab. For her, she’s more drawn to those who are drawn to her: “I would like to work with members of  FANTOMUSIC. I could list anyone that has inspired me musically or multiple artists that I love and follow but I mainly just want to collaborate with people who genuinely want to work with me.”

KSwains talents earned her a spot on stage where she performed as DISTROFEST this past summer for Whomag Distribution. How does the songstress handle her performances? Fearlessly!  “I have bad performance anxiety, I always have, so I hope to have more performance opportunities in the future so I can get more comfortable on stage.” 

Katherine Swain – The Music

Listening to her music, you can see some of her influences in her sound. That’s why it’s no surprise that the last album on her playlist was Age/Sex/Location by Ari Lennox. It’s also evident she has a strong pen when it comes to songwriting. I see you, girl!

This song gives me major pop vibes, and I really like the beat. My mind automatically puts this song in the background in a movie! I always love when artists are able to play around with different sounds and vibes and aren’t just stuck in one specific box.

Again, I love the vibe of this song! Her beats are always on point, and the feature from Rhymrcka was a great touch – his flow was perfect for this track! I loved the R&B/Pop-like vocals she brought to the song!

Katherine Swain | The Future 

It’s clear Katherine Swain has a bright future ahead of her, but what’s her vision for her future? She plans to let life take the lead and enjoy the ride. “Life tends to have a funny way of surprising me when I make plans so I have been trying to be better about not planning too far ahead. However, manifestation is real so I hope to manifest more performance opportunities, and creating with good people, etc.  My ultimate goal is to write and record professionally so I hope to continue to make moves that lead me in that direction.”

Be sure to follow Katherine Swain on SPOTIFY, FACEBOOK, AND INSTAGRAM so you won’t miss out on more new music or her journey as an artist – she’s definitely one to watch!


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