Lil Elevate Shows us how to Get Lifted

lil elevate

Hey guys what’s up? Tonight’s featured artist is Lil Elevate out of New York. Elevate has a wonderful, dreamy quality to a lot of his music and his lyrics are honest and poignant. Reminiscent of the late Juicewrld with a twist.

lil elevate

He got his start at a young age. He has been fortunate enough to grow up in a musically inclined family and they got him in the studio early – and it definitely shows!

He started putting out music in about 2018 but he dropped his first single on Spotify in 2019 and it received good feedback. So he has kept going.

He has humble intentions with his music. He just wants to make music that is heard and maybe takes care of his family. He is very family oriented.

Lil Elevate – The Music

“Wonder” is a beautiful track. Short but sweet and to the point. The reception on Spotify has been great and there’s a reason for that. The dreamy quality is so soothing and he is just so likable.

“Choices” is another great track. The instrumental is so chill and his lyrics are hopeful. The track shows a sweet, vulnerability and it’s uplifting.

“Elevate” was the first track of his tracks that I heard and I fell in love. I can’t deny the similarity to Juice but what the fuck? Someone’s gotta step into that role that Juice filled and why not Elevate? The industry has a void to fill. A BIG one.

Where to find him

lil elevate elevate

You should definitely go and check him out. You can find him on SPOTIFY YOUTUBE INSTAGRAM to name a few. He has a new album coming out soon, so stay tuned.
You can listen to his interview on Crystallized Beats Underground Hip hop podcast below:

Lil Elevate started developing his sound at a young age. He has found who he is as an artist and a person and he shares that with you through his music. And really, that’s what music is all about.


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