Gone but Never Forgotten – Peace and Love to Dj KaySlay

dj kay slay

Tragedy has struck the Hip hop Community today

This morning, we all woke up today to the sad news that Dj Kay Slay has passed away due to complications from Covid. He had been sick for quite a while and after the news covered it in January, we didn’t hear a thing until now.

Dj Kay Slay has worked with EVERYONE! He is an OG for sure. The man made Hip hop history with his video Rolling 110 Deep. Getting all those Legends together under “one roof”? That was an amazing feat!

I recently posted The Drama King’s video “Rolling 110 Deep” (peep Big Daddy Kane… smoking it on this compilation) which is an AMAZING compilation about forty minutes long and it features the founding fathers of Hip hop.

I have also included him on my list of celeb emails that I have been contacting for features for about three months. It’s such a shame that won’t happen because he is into the same idea as me… reigniting the life into the Hip hop Community.

Show some love and go follow him on YOUTUBE and SPOTIFY.

And let’s have a moment of silence for one of the greats. Taken too soon. He will live on in out hearts and in our ears!

Gone, but definitely never forgotten…


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